The most damaging lawn pest of all is the white grub. Several species of beetles lay their eggs exclusively in turfgrass. When the eggs hatch, the larvae (grubs) feed upon the root system of your lawn. Unfortunately, grub activity is not visible until the damage is already done. As they destroy the root system below, the grass above will turn yellow and be easily pulled up in large chunks of dead sod. At this point, usually in late summer or early fall, the damage is already done.

The best insurance against grub damage is to use a preventative treatment of grub control. Our premium products only need to be applied once per year, in June or July, and will last for the rest of the year. We're so confident that our products are the best available, we fully guarantee all grub treatments. If your lawn is damaged or destroyed after we treat the grubs in June or July, we'll repair the damage at no charge. Call us today to schedule this very important application.