Your lawn needs plenty of water to stay thick and healthy. Usually, Mother Nature supplies an adequate amount of moisture, but your help is required during certain times of the year. Generally, turf grass needs at least one inch of water every week during the growing season. If this amount of rainfall is not received, it's time to drag out the hose or turn on the irrigation system!

Turning on a sprinkler is usually easy, but measuring one inch of irrigation on your lawn can be tricky. To get a feel for how long to water, try placing a shallow dishpan in your lawn and turn on the sprinkler. Keep an eye on the depth of the water in the pan. Once you've watered an area with one inch of water you should move your sprinkler to the next area. Generally, you'll need to water each area for up to an hour before moving to the next area.

As a rule of thumb, your lawn will benefit most from less frequent, deep watering instead of daily shallow watering. Your root system will grow deeper and thicker when the water soaks down deep into the soil. One exception to this rule is for new seeding. If your lawn has been recently seeded, you'll want to provide frequent light watering to encourage seed germination without washing away the exposed grass seed.

Generally, most lawn care applications will benefit from deep watering on the day following the treatment. Feel free to call our office with any further questions!