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Our 5-step program provides your turf with appropriately timed fertilizers and both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control to ensure a healthy lawn. Our lawn care program works with your specific varieties of turf and soil composition to ensure a healthy, lush lawn. Through proper timing of each application, we are able to achieve an appearance you will be proud to come home to.
Thorough cleaning of the landscape beds and lawn of leaves, sticks, and debris prepares your property for a great start and end of the growing season. Most lawns require one visit in the spring and several visits in the fall. Our team prides themselves on staying ahead of the mess that comes with fall, allowing the homeowner to enjoy their weekends. All debris will be placed on the curb for our leaf vac truck to remove them that day or the following morning.

Mowing all turf areas to maintain a well-groomed and attractive appearance is our goal. The direction of mowing will be changed on a weekly basis in order to provide the most professional appearance as well as maintain the health and balance of the lawn. Clean edges between turf and all other surfaces will be maintained for a well-groomed appearance.
Mulch is like the icing on a cake. Clean lines are the key to a well maintained landscape bed. The contrast between the landscape beds and the turf areas should be subtle yet visible. We pride ourselves on maintaining a well-manicured definition between these areas. Once all of the weeding, planting and edging has been done, the finishing touch is mulch. Mulch helps retain moisture, keep plant roots cool, minimize the return of weeds and overall give that beautifully maintained appearance that all landscapes deserve.
Maintenance is a key component to the longevity of your landscape plants. Our landscape bed maintenance services are based on the monthly needs of your plants. Some require deadheading and cleaning to look their best. No matter what the content of your landscape, we will develop a plan that will care for each plant as needed, based on their unique specifications and your expectations for overall aesthetic appearance.
Our perimeter pest control services are applied to the exterior of your home. We treat your home's foundation and other areas of entry to create a protective barrier that insects and bugs will avoid. You never need to worry about any treatments being sprayed in your home. This also means you don't need to be home for our technicians to do their job.
All trees and shrubs will be sprayed with a broad-spectrum insecticide once per year.
The group of bugs and insects that feed above ground, also known as surface feeding insects, can severely damage your lawn, by chewing grass plants and sucking vital plant juices from grass blades. As a preventive measure, this service controls lawn damaging insects before they become a problem. As a curative measure, this service controls insects that are actively damaging a lawn. The application will control damaging surface feeding insects such as Chinch Bug, Sod Webworms, Army Worms and Greenbug Aphids.
Proper pruning is vital for the health, appearance and overall well-being of landscape plants. Some shrubs bloom on “old wood”, some bloom on "new wood". The key to success in flowering and longevity is pruning based on the scientific knowledge of when each shrub puts on its show. We follow evidence based practice in our pruning timing and techniques to ensure the most enjoyable seasonal displays.
Annual fall core aeration is very important. This helps create a denser turf with a healthier root system. The plugs will be left on the turf to help decompose any thatch layer that may exist. By seeding in the fall, you will be sure the new grass is germinated and healthy enough for the winter. It will help to fill in the thin areas that may have occurred over the year.
Deep root feeding is an injection of fertilizer into the drop lines of trees and shrubs. This service is performed in the early spring or late fall and lasts a full year. Deep root feeding promotes strong root development and discourages diseases.
Unwanted vegetation will be removed from tree lines and around sheds. Low hanging branches will also be trimmed to optimize the growth of grass under trees, improve visibility, and control the growth onto the sides of buildings.
Renovation & new installs are more than simple routine maintenance. It involves upgrading your properties landscaping to give it a fresh look. For instance, you may want to remove and replace plants, install new landscape edging, or introduce mulch to your landscape. We will work with you to transform your outdoor living space.