"We have used Pro-Mow both at our home and office.  At our home, they mow, fertilize and provide weed control, mulch our landscaping, and manage our irrigation system.  Pro-Mow has provided consistently excellent service and we highly recommend them for home and business properties."

- Melissa B.

"Adams Funeral Chapel was probably one of the first customers of Pro-Mow Lawn Care when they began in 1999 and we are as pleased with their service today as we were then.  Our business requires a flexible schedule and throughout the past 19 years they have been dependable and willing to work with our requests.  Pro-Mow handles all our lawn care needs as well as our trimming and some landscaping.  They have been instrumental in keeping our grounds in tip-top shape and we enjoy the many compliments received.  Thank you to the staff at Pro-Mow for all you do!"

- Tammy E.

"Pro-Mow has handled our lawn maintenance needs for the past five years. They do an excellent job of monitoring our commercial and industrial properties and bring issues and solutions to our attention quickly and efficiently. Their staff is well-groomed, courteous and conscientious in their work habits. They provide excellent service and look to every detail to insure well-manicured lawns at our various properties. I appreciate the knowledge and expertise of our Service Manager, Jared, regarding all aspects of the landscaping business. It is a pleasure to work with the team at Pro-Mow."

- Theresa S.

"Ron and I have used Pro-Mow Lawn Care for 10 years.  We have found them to be a very professional business that takes a lot of pride in their services.  Pro-Mow trains their staff well and they are always considerate and fair with any lawn problems that arise.  We would highly recommend them without reservation to our friends in Charleston and the surrounding communities."

        - Ron and Sue L.

“For years, I push mowed our yard while many of our neighbors had their lawns cared for by Pro-Mow.  To be honest, I had trouble with the idea of paying someone to do that chore for me.  We started pricing zero turn riders to help with the task, as it was getting harder for my wife and I to keep up with the task, especially in hot summer months.  Just before purchasing a mower, I decided to get a price from Pro-Mow, and found out how reasonable it can be.  Then the day came… I still remember the first time I got home from work, and the lawn was already mowed for us!  Actually it was not just mowed, but nicely manicured and edged!  The relief I felt, and satisfaction with the work done, makes their service a bargain.  If you are like me, and think it’s probably too expensive, let me encourage you to simply call and get a price.  You’ll be glad you did!”

- Jerry T.

"We have been very pleased with Pro-Mow over the years.  If we haven any questions or a situation arises that Pro-Mow needs to address, they do so promptly.  Jared is professional & always takes care to see that we are happy with Pro-Mow's work."

- John D.

"What a difference Pro-Mow has made on the grounds of LifeLinks' campus.  The once weed infested, dandelion covered lawn is now just green grass;the overgrown, dead or dying bushes ar now neatly trimmed, removed or revived and the low hanging trees now stand stately tall again.  This was all accomplished and maintained as scheduled and with good customer service foremost.  Best lawn care decision ever made!"

- Lynette A.

Pro-Mow provides great lawn care service at all of the clinic locations I manage.  I would highly recommend them.

- Julie K.

Being new to my position, it was great to have a crew that would come and ask if there was anything tat we needed or was there quickly when we called for them.  They are a great company to work with.

- Vince R.